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Assured Agronomy Ltd has had an active involvement in precision farming since its infancy and has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience.


We are able to pull together all the facets of precision farming to develop a complete farm strategy.

Nutrient mapping

Fields are GPS mapped and soil samples are taken at set points, this can be done on a varying scale typically 1/ha or 1/acre. Nutrient maps are then created to show any variation in nutrition. Typically soils are sampled for pH, phosphate, potash and magnesium but other nutrients can be tested for if required. From these maps application plans can be created that are compatible with your variable rate equipment.

Variable rate seeding


Seed rates can be varied to give optimal plant populations on varying soils to give improved crop management, health and profitability. Zones can also be created to take into accounts problematic weeds such as Black-grass where higher plant populations may be needed for competition. Areas that are prone to pests such as Slugs and Pigeons can also be incorporated into your variable zones.

Potato Cyst Nematode mapping


Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN) damage can be a major contributor to yield loss in potatoes and can therefore lead to greatly reduced profit margins. Mapping fields before planting can highlight problem areas allowing you to make a management decision before the crop is affected. Mapping can be done on a varying scale but best results come from smaller zones (<1/ha). On a 1 hectare sample a minumum of 50 cores are taken from accross the zone to ensure an accurate result.

Yield Mapping


Yield mapping can be a good way to identify areas of low profitability within a field. Allowing for decisions to be made that target these areas to gain maximum profit. We can help, if you have a harvester that records yields and would like this data translating into maps.

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