Independent Agronomy

What is independent agronomy

All our consultancy advice is totally independent. We are paid by our clients to provide objective profitable solutions determined solely by the requirements of the farm and its crops rather than affiliations with particular products or companies.

Our services

Our agronomists are BASIS registered, FACTS and BETA qualified

Full Agronomy

For a set acreage fee you will receive a dedicated agronomist that will service your crops husbandry requirements, providing advice on a regular basis. Products will be recommended and rates tailored to prevailing conditions and the economic climate. Recommendations will be produced digitally and can be linked directly with your farms management software, reducing time and errors in record keeping.

Technical Backup

For businesses that can service the majority of their own crop husbandry requirements we can supply support at varying levels to suit your needs. This may be through a set number of reduced farm visits and/or telephone access to our agronomists. Keeping you up to date and providing an independent sounding board.



Buying Inputs

Once you have chosen to go independent there are many options for sourcing your inputs. All chemical distributors will be happy to quote on a supply only basis. We can provide you with contacts at all of the major distributors. Alternatively you could use a buying group to source your inputs. We work closely with Woldmarsh to ensure our growers get the best deals.

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.

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